Ilenia Antonini’s Boyfriend Aspires To Become A Singer: Interesting Facts

With a net worth of $1.5 million Ilenia Antonini enjoys a beautiful life with her Colombian boyfriend.

By BhuraPublished on: April 8, 2024 Updated on: April 8, 2024
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Born in Rome, Italy, on December 13, 1999, Ilenia Antonini Zuleta is a multi-talented Italian-Colombian actress and singer who has been captivating audiences since she was a child. From her early beginnings in television commercials at the tender age of four to her impactful roles in both cinema and television, her journey in the entertainment world is nothing short of remarkable. She gained significant recognition for her role in “The Queen and the Conqueror” (2020) and continued to showcase her acting prowess in projects like “Ana de nadie” (2022) and “Amor en custodia” (2009). Her talent was evident early on when she made her film debut at just seven years old in “This smells bad.”

Daughter of actress Morella Zuleta, Ilenia’s artistic flair is evidently inherited, further highlighted by her participation in the first season of “La Voz Kids” Colombia, where she impressed many, including the popular singer Maluma. Her versatility extends to her musical talents, demonstrated when she was part of the Clara Luna choir, a group that received a Grammy nomination in 2011.

Her fame continued to rise with her role as Tania in the Nickelodeon original series “Noobees.” Well, let’s talk about her love affairs and romantic relationships.

Ilenia Antonini Is Dating A Colombian Boyfriend

Antonini seems to be in a happy relationship with a Colombian guy. Although she keeps his identity a mystery, her Instagram is filled with photos and videos that give us a glimpse into their romantic life.

Ilenia singing With Her Boyfriend
Ilenia singing With Her Boyfriend

Her boyfriend, an aspiring singer, often collaborates with Ilenia, creating beautiful music covers that she proudly shares on her social media. Here is one of the beautiful songs they sang together.


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The couple’s love for adventure and spending quality time together is also apparent through their vacation snapshots. These getaways seem to be their way of escaping the busy world of entertainment and focusing on each other.


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Ilenia’s Instagram feed not only highlights her professional achievements but also paints a picture of her blissful personal life with her boyfriend, revealing a side of her that her fans adore and appreciate.

She Has A Successful Career

Ilenia Antonini’s career in the entertainment industry is marked by a variety of roles that showcase her versatility as an actress. Starting her journey in 2009 with “Amor en custodia,” she played Luciana Tardelli, making her mark early on. Her career continued to build momentum as she took on the role of Young Milagros Fontanarosa in “3 Milagros” (2011), a series that received critical acclaim.

In 2012, she appeared in “Historias clasificadas,” and the following year, she was seen in “Witches Girl,” portraying the character Wendy BlackMerMoon. Her breakout role came in 2018 when she starred as Tania in “Noobees,” a Nickelodeon TV series that extended until 2021.

Ilenia’s career took a significant turn with her role in “The Queen and the Conqueror” (2020) as Luz Sol, where she delved into historical drama. She continued to demonstrate her acting prowess in “News of a Kidnapping” (2022), playing Carolina, and then in “Ana de nadie” (2022–2023), where she portrayed Florencia Valenzuela Ocampo, a role that spanned 94 episodes.

Her recent work includes “Los Billis” (2023), where she played the character of Alicia across eight episodes. The latest project “The Hijacking of Flight 601,” has built huge anticipation.

Her Mother Is Also An Actress

Ilenia’s mom Morella Zuleta González, born on August 29, 1974, in Cali, Colombia, is not only an accomplished actress but also a skilled dancer. She completed her Artistic Baccalaureate at Incolballet in Cali, which laid the foundation for her diverse artistic career. Her education continued in Italy at the Centro Televisivo Di Roma, where she studied Dance Choreography as well as Acting and Dubbing.

Additionally, Morella honed her craft at the Ballet of the Americas, “Histrion” Acting School, and through various workshops like the Personalized Acting Workshop and La Emoción Acting Workshop.

Antonini With Her Mother Morella Zuleta
Antonini At The Premier Of Griselda With Her Mother Morella Zuleta

Morella has graced both the stage and screen, participating in numerous novels and plays, showcasing her range and versatility as an actress. Her linguistic prowess is evident in her fluency in both Spanish and Italian, allowing her to perform in a variety of roles across different cultures.

As the daughter of the renowned philosopher and writer Estanislao Zuleta, Morella’s artistic and intellectual lineage is impressive, adding depth to her performances and understanding of her craft

Ilenia Has A Net Worth Of $1.5 Million

Ilenia Antonini has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Her financial success stems from her flourishing career in the entertainment industry, starting from her childhood roles to her significant parts in popular TV series and films.

Her participation in high-profile projects, both in acting and music, has contributed to her impressive wealth.

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