Han Hyo-Joo Reveals The Type of Husband She Wants

Korean actress Han Hyo-Joo wishes for a husband with the caring and gentle qualities of a mother.

By Chakku HaruPublished on: April 8, 2024 Updated on: April 9, 2024
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South Korean actress and model Han Hyo-Joo, renowned for her role in Heaven & Earth, remains unmarried, yet she occasionally shares insights into the qualities she seeks in a potential husband.

“When I was young, I was drawn to bad boys, but my ideal type has gradually changed,” she told Allkpop. “Now I like someone with a lot of understanding and consideration. I wonder what love is in the end. I’ve never asked someone out forwardly and when something happened while dating, I never brought it up.”

In another interview, the Happiness star said she initially “didn’t have an ideal type in terms of appearance.” However, “after filming Beauty Inside, I think I have developed an ideal type in terms of appearance.” She added, “Things like the aura and charm of a person are important.”

So, has she found her dream partner? Hyo-Joo, 37 years old damshell, isn’t married but has reportedly linked up with several boyfriends.

Explore exclusive details about her love life, including the scandalous leak of her private photos with her boyfriend, allegedly by her manager.

Han Hyo-Joo Wants To Marry a Man Who Is ‘Like a Mother’

Hyo-Joo wishes for a life partner who is similar to a mother in his characteristics. She wants someone who is not only cheerful and in good health but also possesses the caring and supportive nature of a mother.


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Han also highlights how rare it is to find men who naturally have this kind of warm and nurturing behavior. But, still, she dreams of meeting a man who can embrace her with the same kind of love and comfort that a mother offers.

She Shared Great Chemistry With Jo In Sung in the Drama ‘Moving

Han Hyo and Jo In Sung starred in Disney+’s drama Moving in 2023. Their on-screen chemistry was a hit. The creator, Kang Full, also praised their connection during an MMTG interview.

Han Hyo and Jo In Sung
Han and Jo. (Image: Instagram)

Furthermore, director Park In Je found their chemistry captivating and he even scheduled their kiss scenes on romantic days: Christmas and New Year’s. Kang Full, a webtoon artist and screenwriter noted this was because both actors were single, suggesting a purposeful setup for romance.

Their on-screen romance was so strong that it even sparked hopes of a real-life romance though there haven’t been any signs of it so far.

She Was Rumored To Be Dating Do-han Kang

In 2009, news surfaced that Hyo-joo was romantically involved with Kang Do-han, an actor and businessman. Initially, they met through an acquaintance last spring.

Han and Do-han.
She and Do-han.

Subsequently, the pair was spotted having secret dates at a horseback riding club. However, in response to these dating rumors, Han’s agency cautiously stated they were “currently verifying them.”

The Buzz Around Han and Her Alleged Boyfriend Kang Dong-won’s Relationship

Hyo-joo’s dating life often garners attention, especially the rumors linking her to Kang Dong-won. These rumors first emerged in July 2018, after photos of them in the United States surfaced online. The pair were spotted in casual attire, walking down a street.

However, both actors quickly refuted the rumors, clarifying they were just friends.

Han and Kang Dong.
With Kang Dong.

Later, during a promotional interview for their film Inrang in 2018, they addressed the rumors more openly yet cautiously. Kang dismissed the speculation lightheartedly, while Han talked about their easy friendship.

She mentioned that both she and Kang had enjoyed exploring good restaurants, often exchanging their favorite spots in a playful competition to discover the best places.

She Faced Blackmail Over Private Photos with Boyfriend

In late 2013, Hyo-Joo’s ex-manager tried to blackmail the actress by using private photos of her with her boyfriend. On November 25, the Prosecution Office reported that the ex-manager, with two accomplices, stole 16 photos from Han’s digital camera. They later threatened her father and demanded 400 million won, threatening to leak the photos to the media.

Initially, Han’s father paid 10 million won, which ultimately led to their arrest on November 7.

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