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Wes Chatham is an accomplished American actor, recognized for his versatile roles in both film and television. Born on October 11, 1978, in Atlanta, Wes embarked on his acting journey at the tender age of 5, starting with commercials. His cinematic contributions include renowned films like In the Valley of Elah, W., The Help, and The Philly Kid. He gained recognition for portraying Castor in The Hunger Games: MockingjayPart 1 and Part 2.

From 2015 to 2022, Wes became widely known for his role as Amos Burton in the popular sci-fi series The Expanse. Beyond his professional life, Wes is married to TV personality Jenn Brown. The couple has two sons, John Nash and Rhett Jameson.

Here are six interesting facts about the actor.

6. He Thought Of Marrying His Current Wife On Their First Date

Wes and Jenn’s romance began a couple of years before they officially became husband and wife. The Hunger Games star was supposed to help Jenn meet new people after she had just ended a long-term relationship. Instead, Wes found Jenn so charming that he decided to keep her all to himself.

On their first date, Wes, who had already fallen for her, found himself wondering just how soon he could ask Jenn to marry him. Their connection was undeniable, and it wasn’t long before they were deeply in love.

Wes and Jenn got married in a beautiful wedding in 2012
Wes and Jenn got married in a beautiful wedding in Georgia

A year into their relationship, Wes was filming a TV pilot in Chicago. He arranged for Jenn to fly in from California for a visit. During this trip, Wes planned a special surprise: he took Jenn to see her favorite band, Journey. During her favorite song, “Faithfully,” Wes proposed to Jenn right as confetti and fireworks erupted from the concert stage. Her delighted “yes” was the perfect climax to the romantic evening.

The couple tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Barnsley Gardens Resort in Adairsville, Georgia on April 7, 2012. The wedding was intimate despite the presence of 200 guests. Their big day was filled with love and music, culminating in a dance to “Faithfully,” the song that marked their engagement. Following their beautiful wedding, the newlyweds escaped to the serene Nisbet Plantation Beach Club on the island of Nevis for their honeymoon.

5. Wes’ Wife, Jenn Has Two Distinct Records To Her Name

Jenn Brown has achieved remarkable milestones in her career, reflecting her profound connection with sports and journalism. Notably, Jenn made history as the first female correspondent for “Inside the NFL,” showcasing her pioneering role in sports broadcasting.

Jenn’s foundational background in sports is deeply influenced by her upbringing. Raised by parents who were Olympic gymnastics coaches, she was immersed in competitive sports from a young age. This unique family environment fostered a deep appreciation and understanding of athletics, which significantly shaped her career and achievements.

In high school, Jenn’s athletic prowess was clearly evident as she set a remarkable record for the most varsity letters earned by an athlete in four years, accumulating a total of 14. She captained five sports teams during her senior year.

4. Missed His First Son Nash’s Birth As He Came Six Weeks Premature

Wes Chatham and his wife, Jenn Brown, experienced the unexpected early arrival of their first son, Nash, who was born six weeks premature on November 24, 2014. The couple expressed their overwhelming joy and gratitude, stating, “We are beyond thrilled to announce the birth of our son John ‘Nash’ Chatham. This love is more than we could have ever imagined and we are beyond blessed. We want to thank everyone for their love and support.

The birth was a surprise, especially as Wes had just flown back to Canada after attending the “Mockingjay” premiere. Jenn recalled the sudden onset of labor: “It was a complete surprise when Nash decided to come early. Wes had literally gotten on a plane to go back to Canada after the ‘Mockingjay’ premiere on Saturday, and my water broke on Sunday.” She admitted being unprepared, having not yet chosen a pediatrician or packed hospital bags.

Wes Chatham and his wife Jenn Brown with their two sons
Wes Chatham and his wife Jenn Brown with their two sons

Wes did return to the States after getting the news, however, when he landed in Los Angeles, his son had already arrived and his wife had sent him a cute photo of the newborn.

Nash’s early arrival meant he needed to stay in the NICU for three days for monitoring, but he was strong enough to come home by Thanksgiving. Nash initially had difficulty with latching due to his premature birth; however, he eventually learned to breastfeed properly.

The duo welcomed their second child, son Rhett Jameson Chatham on June 1, 2016, in Los Angeles. Luckily, Wes was with his spouse at this time.

3. Wes’s Parents Divorced When He Was Just Two Years Old

Wes has a diverse ethnic heritage that includes English and some German roots.

His family background is deeply rooted in the Southern United States. His paternal grandfather, Ernest Harold Chatham, Sr., was born in Georgia, to Charley L. Chatham and Cleo Antoinette “Nettie” Rogers. On his paternal grandmother’s side, the star actor is descended from Mary Frances Long, who was also born in Georgia. Her parents were Johnny Long and Annie Mae Waits.

Wes’s maternal lineage includes his grandfather, Harold Mixon, who was born in South Carolina. Finally, Wes’s maternal grandmother, Doris Anderson, was born in Georgia. She was the daughter of Alton John Anderson and Clifford Grice.

Wes’s early life was marked by significant family changes, as his parents divorced when he was just two years old. Growing up, he primarily lived with his mother, along with his sister and brother.

At the age of thirteen, Wes’s living situation changed as he moved in with his father. This transition into adolescence was accompanied by a newfound sense of independence. Living with his father, who didn’t care much about what he did, Wes found himself with more freedom. This environment allowed his restless and spirited nature to flourish.

2. Dismissed from School: A Blessing in Disguise That Led Wes to Acting

During his teenage years, Wes’s restless and rebellious nature led to significant challenges, including being kicked out of his high school. This pivotal moment in his life directed him toward the Give Center in Lawrenceville, GA, a facility designed as a second-chance school for troubled youth.

The Give Center was unique in its approach, offering smaller class sizes and a higher standard of education compared to traditional public schools, which provided a more tailored and supportive learning environment. It was at the Give Center where Wes’s life took a transformative turn.

The school collaborated with a professional theater company from Atlanta to start a mentoring program. Wes was selected to write a play as part of this initiative, and this play was eventually performed by his classmates. This opportunity was a gateway for Wes to discover his passion for the arts.

This experience not only redirected his youthful energy into a productive pursuit but also ignited his interest in acting.

1. Acting Career: A Stroke of Luck!

Wes got an opportunity to feature in an ad as a young kid. What happened was his mother took his sister to a commercial audition in Savannah, Georgia. Wes tagged along, simply there to wait while his sister tried out.

As they sat in the lobby, an unexpected opportunity arose. The casting director noticed Wes and offered him a role in a national Tide commercial campaign. At just five years old, this unexpected turn of events opened the door to his future in the entertainment industry.

Although he worked in a commercial as a kid, he didn’t pursue it right after high school, instead, he joined the military. He served as an aviation firefighter on the flight deck of the USS Essex, working in crash and salvage operations for four years. It was during his military service that Wes’s path to an acting career unexpectedly reopened.

Actor Wes Chatham has worked in several movies and series like Ahsoka, The Expanse
Wes has worked in several movies and series like Ahsoka, The Expanse, Hunger Games and more

Just three months before completing his military service, Wes’s ship, the USS Essex, was selected by Denzel Washington as a filming location for the movie Antwone Fisher. During the search for authentic military personnel to appear in the film, Wes was discovered by casting director Robi Reed. This chance encounter provided him with his first experience in movie-making.

Inspired by this unexpected opportunity, Wes decided to pursue his lifelong dream of acting. Following the movie, Robi Reed encouraged Wes to move to Hollywood. He took her advice, and soon after, he landed his first series regular role on Showtime’s Barbershop.

Afterward, he got opportunities to work on several successful projects like Hunger Games, The Expanse, Tenet, and more. In 2023, Chatham gained attention with this portrayal of Captain Enoch in the television series Ahsoka.

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