Dionne Brown Was Uncomfortable Shooting Some Scenes In “Queenie”

By BhuraPublished on: June 2, 2024 Updated on: June 2, 2024
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In a candid revelation, Dionne Brown, the 28-year-old actress from London, has shared her discomfort while shooting intimate scenes in the new Channel 4 series, “Queenie.” The series, an adaptation of Candice Carty-Williams’s bestselling novel, showcases Brown in her first leading role, portraying a journalist experiencing a quarter-life crisis. The role itself resonated deeply with Brown, revealing the common emotional challenges faced by Black women.

During a recent discussion in an east London studio following a Vogue photoshoot, she highlighted the difficulties she encountered due to her conservative religious upbringing. “I didn’t kiss any boys in drama school,” Brown stated, noting the significant leap required for her performance. “And then I kissed four in a short space of time. It’s a lot.” This aspect of her role was particularly challenging, juxtaposing her professional commitments with her personal comfort levels.

Brown’s role as Queenie not only required her to navigate these difficult scenes but also to convey the complexity of a character that has significantly impacted its audience. While the actress seems to have proved her potential as an actress through her role, let’s explore some other details about her life below.

She Chose To Became An Actress Despite A Traditional Religious Family

Born in 1996 into a devout UK family, Dionne Brown was raised with a strong religious influence by her reverend mother. Despite her traditional upbringing, she was naturally inclined towards the arts, pursuing ballet, violin, and piano from a young age. Her passion for performing shaped her decision to embrace acting, a path less typical within her religious family context.

Queenie Actress Dionne Brown
Dionne Brown Appears As A Lead In Queenie

Starting off with plays and supporting characters, Queenie acts as her first lead role in a series.

Her Television & Theatre Works

Title Role Type Year Episodes Director Producer
Queenie Queenie Jenkins TV Series 2024 8
Criminal Record DC Chloe Summers TV Series 2024 7
The Walk-In Young Leona TV Mini Series 2022 1
Kemi Dionne Short 2021
In These Four Walls Shakyra Theatre Ammera Conrad The Arts Educational School
Romeo & Juliet Lady Capulet Theatre Karen Tomlin The Arts Educational School
Dance Nation Amina Theatre Abigail Sewell The Arts Educational School
Love & Information Various Theatre Dianne Page The Arts Educational School
The Cherry Orchard Ranyevska Theatre Ed Hulme The Arts Educational School
Open Door Marie Theatre David Mumeni Open Door Group 1
Three Chanel Theatre Anna Niland National Youth Theatre / Playing Up

Dionne Shares Her Favorite Spots in London

Brown recently shared her personal favorites in the city, giving fans a glimpse into her life off-camera. Known for her vivid portrayal of complex characters, her choices reflect her vibrant and eclectic taste.

Best Tube Line: She favors the Victoria Line for its efficiency and connectivity, highlighting it as her top choice for navigating the bustling city.

Favorite Place: Covent Garden tops her list of favorite places in London. Known for its blend of shops, theaters, and historic market buildings, it’s a spot that resonates with her love for arts and culture.

Favorite Food Spot: When it comes to dining, Brown can’t get enough of Pochawa Grill. This spot is famed for its delightful grill options, providing a tasty escape for the actress amidst her busy schedule.

Favorite Aspect of Brixton: The market in Brixton holds a special place in her heart. This lively market is celebrated for its diverse offerings, from fresh produce to exotic foods and unique crafts, embodying the multicultural vibrancy that Brixton is known for.

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