Demond Wilson’s Wife Cicely Johnston Now: An Insight Into Her Life

By BhuraPublished on: April 24, 2024 Updated on: April 24, 2024
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Cicely Louise Johnston, a notable figure from the golden era of Hollywood, is perhaps best recognized not just for her career as a model and actress but also as the wife of famed American actor and writer Demond Wilson. While her accomplishments in the 1970s Hollywood scene distinguished her in the entertainment industry, it was her marriage to Wilson that catapulted her into the spotlight.

This article delves into both the personal and professional life of Cicely. Explore not only her contributions to the arts but also the controversies and scandals that have marked her relationship with Wilson.

A Former Model & Aspirational Actress

Born of African-American descent and holding American citizenship, Cicely Johnston began her professional journey not on the glamorous sets of Hollywood, but within the confines of an airplane cabin, serving as an air hostess. Her transition into the modeling industry marked her first steps towards a career in entertainment, securing a few modeling gigs that showcased her talent and charisma.

Despite her promising start, her Hollywood career was brief yet notable. In 1974, she appeared in the movie Caged Heart, an opportunity that highlighted her acting potential. However, her journey in the entertainment industry was fraught with challenges. Limited roles and financial hardships eventually led her to step away from the limelight.

Her departure from show business was not the end of her story, but rather a transition to a new chapter. She settled down with the accomplished actor Desmond Wilson, choosing to prioritize her personal life over her professional aspirations.

Cicely’s Marriage With Demond Was Not A Compromise But A Choice

In the early 1970s, Johnston met Wilson, and their connection sparked quickly. They felt a strong bond right from the start and didn’t hesitate to make their relationship official. On May 3, 1974, they tied the knot. Cicely chose to keep their wedding day intimate, inviting only close friends and family, and she made sure that the press was not part of their special day.

Cicely With Her Husband Demond Wilson
Cicely & Demond As A Young Couple

Despite their desire for privacy, the news of their marriage became a hot topic and even made it into the newspapers, capturing the public’s attention. After getting married, the new couple settled down in a stunning mansion in Beverly Hills, which was not just big but also beautifully decorated with unique antiques. The mansion had 27 rooms, providing plenty of space for their growing family.

Together, Cicely and Demond raised six children: two sons and four daughters named Christopher, Demond Jr., Sarah, Nicole, Louise, and Melissa. Their home was filled with love and lively with the sounds of a large family. Among their children, Christopher took an interest in sports, playing Little League baseball and soccer, while Sarah decided to pursue a career similar to her father’s, becoming a writer and an occasional actress.

Well, her decision to marry the American actor and singer Demond and build a life together was clearly a choice made from love and mutual respect, not a compromise.

Her Husband’s Infidelity Almost Ruined The Marriage

In the glamorous yet often tumultuous world of Hollywood, the strength of a marriage is frequently tested. Cicely and Demond were no exception to this rule. Despite their strong bond, their marriage faced a significant challenge when she discovered that her husband had been unfaithful. The revelation was not just shocking but also deeply hurtful, and it had a severe impact on her well-being.

The stress and heartache of the betrayal were so overwhelming for Johnston that her health deteriorated, leading to her hospitalization for several months. This period was one of profound difficulty for her, as she struggled not just with emotional pain but also with worsening physical health.

Cicely Is Still Together With Demond
Cicely Is Still Together With Demond

At the same time, Demond found himself spiraling down a dangerous path. Overcome with guilt and isolation, he turned to drugs as a way to cope, spending up to $1,000 a day on cocaine. This destructive behavior threatened not only his own health and career but also the stability of their family life and financial security.

Despite these dark times, the story of Cicely and Demond does not end in tragedy. With time and effort, the couple managed to navigate through this tumultuous period. Cicely’s capacity for forgiveness and Demond’s willingness to change and lead an honest life played crucial roles in mending their relationship. As of 2024, they are happily married.

Where Are Cicely Johnston & Her Hubby Now?

After facing significant personal and financial challenges, Demond made substantial life changes. In 1984, he sold their Beverly Hills home and moved to a simpler residence in Orange County. He has since turned his life around, quitting drinking, smoking, and dancing, and has become an ordained pastor, dedicating his life to helping troubled youth. About the same, he once said,

I went from sinner to saved by grace, the old Demond Wilson is dead.

His wife, Cicely, supports his transformed lifestyle and promotes religious values in their home. Now, the couple enjoys a peaceful life, focusing on their family, church, and their three grandchildren.

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