Charlie Bushnell’s Newest Girlfriend & His Rumored Affairs: Details Here

By BhuraPublished on: March 19, 2024 Updated on: March 19, 2024
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Recently, Charlie Bushnell has been in the spotlight not only for his role in the Disney+ series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” but also for his personal life. This American actor is making headlines because he’s rumored to be dating someone new, though not much is known about his alleged girlfriend.

Besides this, there’s talk that he has been in several relationships before. People are interested in both his professional success and his romantic life, making him a hot topic in the media.

Charlie Bushnell’s Potential Girlfriend in 2024

Well, Charlie seems to be dating, but he’s keeping quiet about his mystery girl. Fans started guessing who his girlfriend might be after he posted pictures and videos from his senior prom last May. In these posts, Charlie and an unknown girl seemed really close, especially in one video where he’s spinning her around at prom, and they’re both smiling big.

Charlie & His Mystery Girlfriend
HIs Alleged GF

The mystery grew when people noticed the same girl appearing in Charlie’s summer vacation photos in Greece and Paris. Even though he didn’t tag anyone, the girl looked a lot like his prom date, making everyone wonder if she’s his girlfriend.

He hasn’t said anything about her yet, so everyone’s curious if she’s his high school sweetheart and if they’re still together after prom. Fans are on the lookout for any new hints that might give away who she is.

His Alleged Affair With Tess Romero

People have been buzzing about whether Charlie and his co-star from “Diary of a Future President,” Tess Romero, are more than just TV siblings. Their awesome chemistry on the show and their close friendship off-screen made everyone wonder if there was something more between them.

His social media has lots of posts with Tess, including a really sweet birthday shout-out where he called her a “straight-up goofball” and said he “loves” her. Even with all these cute moments online, neither of them ever spoke up about what really was going on between them.

But now, Charlie’s been posting about another girl, which has made everyone think twice about the rumors with Tess. With this new girl popping up, it looks like whatever everyone thought was happening with Tess might just have been them being good friends.

So, without any clear answers from him or Tess, it’s looking like they’re probably just good pals.

What About Dior Goodjhon?

Similarly, Charlie was also alleged to date Dior Goodjohn from “Percy Jackson” but they have never been an item. They’ve got great chemistry on screen, which got everyone talking, but off-screen, they’re just friends and co-stars. Both of them have said that there’s nothing romantic going on and that their relationship is strictly professional.

So, even though they look good together on TV, that’s all for the cameras. In real life, they’ve made it clear that the rumors about them dating are not true. They’re just doing their jobs and enjoying being pals when the cameras stop rolling.

Short Bio

Early Life and Inspiration: Born in Los Angeles on June 16, 2004, Charlie Bushnell was destined to shine in the entertainment world. With a musician father and an actor uncle, Bushnell was always surrounded by creativity. He discovered his love for filmmaking at ten years old, creating his own movies with friends.

Bushnell With His Parents & Siblings
With His Family

Acting Journey Begins: In 2017, his acting journey took off. The loss of his family dog led him to stay home and binge-watch “Stranger Things,” inspiring him to pursue acting. He started self-training, memorizing monologues, and recording himself, which led to participating in school plays and attending classes at prestigious acting schools like Ruskin Academy and John Rosenfeld Studios.

Breakthrough and Success: Charlie’s big break came in 2020 with the role of Bobby Cañero-Reed in “Diary of a Future President.” His career further blossomed with significant roles such as Luke Castellan in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” and the voice of Chase in “In the Know.”

Cultural Background: His unique identity is shaped by his diverse heritage. In an interview with Medium, he revealed his Costa Rican and Japanese maternal lineage, adding depth to his understanding of diverse cultures. His paternal Irish roots further enrich his multicultural background.

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