List Of Aidan Gallagher’s Girlfriends & Dating History (Alleged & Confirmed)

By BhuraPublished on: March 11, 2024 Updated on: March 12, 2024
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Aidan Gallagher is an actor and singer known for playing Number Five in the Netflix superhero series The Umbrella Academy. His performance as Number Five pushed the young actor into wide popularity and global as well.

With worldwide attention, he has also attracted a bit of curiosity with respect to his personal life, particularly regarding who he has dated and his girlfriend at present.

Aidan Gallagher Is Single In 2024

If you are wondering about Aidan Gallagher’s girlfriend in 2024, he seems to be single at present. Or at least that is what his Instagram and similar handles suggest. The Umbrella Academy actor has a rather active Instagram feed but none of his recent posts has anything to say about the actor’s romantic pursuits.

Aidan With His Mystery Girl
Aidan With His Mystery Girl

There however are also a few issues from Gallagher’s Insta that say otherwise. As such few of the Instagram activities of the 20-year-old actor feature him alongside a girl with the Instagram username em.aidansarmy.

Although he hasn’t revealed what sort of relationship he has with this girl, many followers of the actor claim that she is his fan girl while others say that there is some relationship brewing between the two. Nevertheless, for the time being, Gallagher doesn’t seem to be in a rush to address the issue.

Madisyn Shipman (May 2016-August 2016)

Gallagher started his relationship with Madisyn Shipman in 2016. Netflix Life reports the two dated from May to August of that year. He didn’t spill out many details regarding his and Shipman’s relationship and neither did the latter.

Shipman nonetheless is quite popular on her own. She played Kenzie Bell on the Nickelodeon comedy series Game Shakers. Gallagher’s ex-girlfriend is also a singer.

Eight Month Long Affair With The Revenge Actress Hannah McCloud

After Shipman, Gallagher started dating Hannah McCloud, an actress known for the shows Revenge, Tenured, and I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas.

Hannah McCloud with her ex-boyfriend Aidan Gallagher in Feb 2017
Hannah McCloud & Aidan in Feb 2017

The couple started their relationship sometime in Feb 2017. Aidan even shared the picture of the couple in April 2017. One of the posts from Gallagher read,

Each day and night with her gets better and better.

The thing between Gallagher and McCloud however ended after eight months. Following the split, he scrapped the posts he had made about McCloud.

Jessica Belkin (Feb 2015 to April 2016)

Belkin is another actress whom Gallagher once dated. Similar to other relationships the Jacked Up actor had, this fling of his also remained low-key the whole time it was going on. Jessica and Gallagher were apparently in a relationship from Feb 2015 to April 2016. Unfortunately, not many details came out of this togetherness. In fact, the actor remained pretty shut during his time with Belkin.

Similar to Gallagher’s other ex-girlfriends, Belkin is also an actress. She has starred in shows including American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars, American Housewife, and Just Add Magic.

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Unconfirmed Relationship With Trinity Rose

His affair with Trinity Rose is rather a hearsay. The alleged couple never publicly addressed whether they really had a relationship or not.

Trinity Rose and Gallagher at a premiere of The Umbrella Academy in Feb 2019
Rose and Gallagher at a premiere of The Umbrella Academy in Feb 2019

The rumors of their thing nonetheless started when Trinity and Gallagher were working on a song, Miss You. Many argue that the two had nothing going on and that they were professionals who united for their shared love of music.

Rose told Billboard that she and the Umbrella Academy actor connected on Instagram through their love of music. However, at the time, the two were apart; Rose was living in New York while Aidan was in LA. In fact, the two wrote Miss You while apart.

Sadie Sink

Back in the summer of 2022, Gallagher was shipped with another emerging name, Sadie Sink. Similar to Aidan, Sink too is an overnight star thanks to her role as Max Mayfield in another Netflix hit series, Stranger Things.

Sadie Sink Clicks a Selfie With Aidan
Sadie & Aidan In a Selfie

The rumors of their affair of course kicked off when people and the media started noticing the two at several events and even casually. This shipment however existed only because of assumptions and theories. They stemmed after the actors’ fans started seeing them together quite occasionally albeit for a brief span.

In reality, the actors are yet to speak on the speculations. Hence, for the time being, Sink and Gallagher are nothing but two happy faces being content to be in one frame.

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