By August 11, 2011

Buy 2Pac’s Death Row Pendant and Ring

This is actually kind of cool. For sale on Ebay is original jewelry that belonged to 2Pac and the Death Row gang. The bidding just went live and the pendant is at $2,200.00 with 7 days left.

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  • DJ September 7th

    The chain is NOT the one he wore, it wasnt a rope. The pendant is probably real. But DR had so many of those, who can certify that it was pac’s DR pendant? Ring looks legit. They need to drop the price cause that wasnt the chain he wore. smh

    • David

      I just heard that the pendant comes on its own with out the chain. To me it looks legit. Ive gone aheas to make a few calls to the link on ebay and the story has been verified. It was 2pac’s pendant. Ave also been told Pac had two death row pendants. Am watching the auction hopefully it doesnt go way above my price range. oh one more thing the seller has sold one more on ebay before. It was a white gold pendant that belonged to Crooked I.

  • alonzo

    if only i had the money : rip pac if u had work i could do for it lol i would do it :P

  • wantit