By October 1, 2010

My Life: STS and Friends Rock SOB’s

This past Wed, I headed over to one of the go-to venues in NYC nowadays – SOB’s – to check out the showcase. Headlining was PAC DIV, with Tanya Morgan, Beyond Belief, and STS also on the bill (got there at 11, started at 9:30 so I don’t know if any other opening acts performed). I entered as Beyond Belief was rocking the crowd and I’ve gotta give him a huge co-sign. He can really kill on stage and has flow like no other.

After Beyond Belief did his thing, the guys of Tanya Morgan entered and had a mild response from the crowd. While I’m familiar with their music, I wouldn’t be able to recite any of their tracks off the top of my head.

Enter STS. STS definitely got the most love from the crowd, performing material from his Demand More mixtapes and doing his thing with the Money Making Jam Boys features……..

……and as he is spitting his rapid fire flow, my favorite MC ever and his cohort, Truck North, blessed the crowd with his presence. The one and only Black Thought of The Roots showed the people what charisma is all about as he took command of venue. I swear to God there was a kid having full body spasms in the crowd as Black Thought MCed. I wish I had video. But give him credit for literally feeling the music in his body.

I think, for everyone, there’s at least one artist/band/group that you just can’t get tired of…no matter how many times you’ve seen their set in any capacity. For me, that person is Black Thought (and The Roots, generally). Hey, maybe it’s my own Philly roots.

Excuse the horrid cell phone pics and lackluster review. I was beyond exhausted but wanted to go and support Z of DJBooth and STS (I didn’t stay for the main attraction, PAC DIV). Shout to the Scully brothers, Dave and Lacey.

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