By February 23, 2012

J DILLA – Crushin (Original Version)

Says Wajeed:

Todays stream is of the original version of, “Crushin” produced by me.  We have J Rocc to thank for this one.  I was Djing with Houseshoes in San Fran with Fran Boogie and DJ Mr. E.  We heard J Rocc was staying in the same hotel and went to holla at him.  We were talking about Dilla rarities when he said that he liked that version of, “Crushin” I did.  I was like what version!?!  He played it and it split my melon!  I did that beat for Dilla circa 2002 for his MCA project – I assumed he never used it when I didn’t hear anything. Turns out it was the original version that he later remixed himself for his then – newly founded label, Mummy Records.

Via B47


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