By December 17, 2012

MeLo-X – Inside The Mind Of MeLo 3 (Mixtape)


Steve-ography presents the third installment of his Inside The Mind Of MeLo series.  Compiled of Remixes MeLo has done through out the year mixed with original tracks, exclusives, and unreleased material this is one of the most extensive collections in the series so far. Click below to download:

1. Fiona Apple & MeLo-X – Every Single Night (MeLo-X APT Basement God Mix)

2. Yuna & MeLo-X – Live Your Life (MeLo-X Motherland God Mix)

3. Azealia Banks & MeLo-X – 1991 (BKLYN – HRLM Remix)

4. Cheri Coke – The Garden of Eden (Prod. By MeLo-X)

5. Dana Buoy & MeLo-X – Delicate Suitor (MeLo-X Tailor Made God Mix)

6. Rihanna & MeLo-X – Stay (She’s Finally #1 Bitch MeLo-X God Mix)

7. Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – Naked For Life feat. Fink (Zulu Guru Remix)

8. Marvin Gaye – Come Live With Me feat. MeLo-X

9. MeLo-X – A Tribe Called Dilla Instrumental

10. MeLo-X, Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly – Live From East Flatbush (Prod. By MeLo-X)

11. MeLo-X – Enter The Void

12. MeLo-X & GhostPoet – We Can Work It Out (MeLoGhost)

13. Teen Daze & MeLo-X – For Body and Kenzie (MeLo-X Water All Over Your Body Mix)

14. Charli XCX – Velvet Dreaming (LUV) Remix feat. MeLo-X


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