By July 30, 2010

Rich Boy Speaks on the Status of his Album So can we expect an album soon since you’ve had some downtime?

Rich Boy: Yeah, I’m on the way to the second album of my career. I’ve just been up here workin’ with Polow, and workin’ with Dr. Dre… Been workin’ with all kinds of people, but those are the main two people that I’ve just been seein’ on a day-to-day note tryin’ to put it together. Polow’s the executive producer of the second [album]. Do you have a drop date for the album yet?

Rich Boy: I don’t have a date yet, but what I’m hoping for is, at the latest, first quarter of next year, but I’m shootin’ for fourth quarter [of this year]. I just wanna warm up in the fourth quarter and then come out in the first quarter [of next year]. Your single is picking steam, can we expect a video to accompany that anytime soon?

Rich Boy: Yeah, “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” is the official name of the record, but we’re gonna shoot the video to that like within two weeks or so… Some people call it, “Standing on the Couch,” but I don’t know how it got two different names—and I also got one comin’ with me Drake, and Lloyd. Is there a name for the album yet?

Rich Boy: It’s called Resurrected in Diamonds cause it’s like you know, Africans were rich in Africa. They had diamonds, gold, and all that shit, so we lost the ball when we were put into slavery. But now you see niggas gettin’ it back, like diamonds and shit rollin’ wit they crew.

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