By March 3, 2014
Video: Lil Jon Makes Guest Appearance on New NBC Comedy ‘About A Boy’

Lil Jon guest stars on the next About a Boy, Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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By February 26, 2014
Video: Dallas Penn Hits Macys 34th Street to Check Out the Ralph Lauren Section

One of the Internets Celebrities hit the flagship Macy’s store to give folks a look at the new Polo collection for Spring. Always entertaining with DP.

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By February 23, 2014
Video: Watch Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Show Off His Beatmaking Skills

Rob Ford is king as he stopped by Toronto’s The Beat Academy to mix it up and get his MPC on. Check out a video of the dude creating the worst beat ever.

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By February 15, 2014
Video: Watch @Wale Shoot Bricks During the NBA Celebrity All Star Game #NT

Naturally, he was getting clowned on Twitter all last night. See the video of his “Highlights” plus some twitter reactions.

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By December 31, 2013
Video: Reflect on 2013 with The Best Of VINE

The internet at its finest.

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By December 21, 2013
Watch a Teaser for @ItsTheReal’s New Music Video “Jews for Jesus Piece”

Zip Car, jewels and Jews. Coming Monday. Started. Directed by Rex Arrow Films.

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By December 18, 2013
Video: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Happy Holidays Edition

One of the funniest internet sketches.

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I Love This Person’s Reaction to @Beyonce’s Surprise Album Drop
By December 14, 2013
I Love This Person’s Reaction to @Beyonce’s Surprise Album Drop

In response to Beyonce’s midnight album drop on Thursday. This has gone viral and rightfully so. Excellent. Spotted over at Gawker.

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By December 1, 2013
Video: Watch Ron Burgundy Co-Host a Real Life Broadcast in North Dakota

Watch Ron Burgundy anchor an actual newscast in North Dakota. Love the press tour Will Ferrell has been making to promote the upcoming film.

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By October 10, 2013
Watch John Legend, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne & More Read “Mean Tweets” About Themselves

This is hilarious in every way. Well done, Jimmy Kimmel.

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Drake the type…
By September 27, 2013
Drake the type…

Clowning never stops when it comes to the uber-successful rapper that has emotions. Read this blog now:  

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By September 26, 2013
Here’s the Video that Kanye West is Freaking Out About on Twitter

It’s not all that funny in my opinion and not all that wild to get upset about. This guy Kanye puts a target on his back. He’s like the little kid you messed with at school because you knew he would freak out at the smallest thing.

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By September 20, 2013
Sportscaster Knows His Hip Hop

LOL at this dude. Dropping the mic at the end! KING!

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By September 10, 2013
Big Quint Provides the Most Emotional Review of The Weeknd’s ‘Kiss Land’ Ever

This dude goes in with every video review. Hahahhahhaa.

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